Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hold the Sugar....

Partly inspired by Running Rabbit, I've decided to cut out any unneccesary sugar from my diet--for awhile at least. I hate to admit it, but I was probably eating at LEAST 150 calories of the stuff a day.

You see, I'm just not losing any weight. On top of that, while my clothes are fitting a little better, it's not really dramatic, and I've been running now steadily since March! Yeah, yeah...I know the bit about muscle weighs more than fat, but just not losing any weight is just not as satisfying...ya know???

I just want to get rid of this mini intertube of fat that has landed like a shelf on my lower belly...I can grab hold of the damn thing for gosh sake and I want it gone! Sis suggested stomach exercises....but I just can't stomach them....HAHAHA...I crack myself up sometimes.

I read in a magazine that to lose abdominal fat without any caloric change, you must run at least 20 miles a week...I'm at 16 miles this week...It will be few weeks until I'm there...and I'm getting impatient.

The jury is still out on whether I'm eating enough, but I know that I can cut out all this sugar. Sugar is bad for me, just ask my dentist!

I decided to start on Monday......This is what I have had to deny myself this week:

Monday---Homemade Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies brought into work

Tuesday.....More homemade chocolate chip cookies made by Sis

Wednesday...Cute little fruity cheese cakes thingies AND Spree candies

Thursday....A 1 pound Hershey Bar with Almonds up for grabs at work!

Friday.....Bags and Bags of mini candy bars brought in by boss

I would be all over this stuff if it wasn't for my new resolution.

Don't know how long I'm gonna go this...Don't know if I'm gonna have free sweet days...but right now, it feels kinda good to abstain!

I'll let ya all know how this goes....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

WHOA!!! Anyone seen this??

Maybe it's a fluke, maybe it's a new fad that I wasn't aware of, but I even googled and haven't seen a trace of it.

In the last 5 days, I have seen 2 runners, TWO female runners....Running wearing........


I mean, how can that work, unless your really, really teeny??

The first time I saw it, I was driving along with my daughter....course, I shouted something like "OMG! Do you see what she's running in?"

My daughter without skipping beat replied "Well, you want to run in a girlie short skirt."

It's not the same I tell ya, IT IS NOT THE SAME....right?

Then I saw another one today...An older woman (in great shape, I tell ya), running across the Golden Gate bridge, sporting a little black tuber.

So is this just some weird Northern California anomoly? Is it the beginning of the Apocalypse?Is there a cup size limit? Wot's the Deal?

I wish I took a pic!

Please enlighten me!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturday's Results

Distance: 6 miles
Time: Slow, but the pace was 45 seconds faster per mile than last weekend
Average Heart rate: 137 (average hr last week 155)
Overall: WOOHOO...felt great.

I have to say that this "run" felt easy. Yeah, we stuck to doing 3/2 intervals, but ended up running some during the walking periods, especially during the last mile. LOVE those negative splits!

We decided to run this country road that goes out for miles and has really no through traffic. The road has a lot gently rolling hills, so we can say we did some hills, but nothing too steep--not like where we ran last week.

The stangest thing happened during that run--that's never, ever happened before. We did an out and back loop, and I remember looking at my Garmin at the 3 mile and turning back towards home. Sis and I got caught up talking about the being moms, contrasting with the way we were raised etc--standard stuff. I guess we got totally caught up in the conversation, because the next time I looked at the watch, it was at 4.45 miles! I have the Garmin set up on an interval workaround so it beeps and rings when the interval is complete, so I don't ever have to look at my watch, but I frequently do--I'm crazy that way.

Could it be that I ran 1.45 miles without even really knowing it??? That's just freaking awesome to me.

So about the Ice cream.....In Oakland, CA there is a place that's been there forever (ok since 1894), that has the best ice cream in the world, or at least the Bay Area. The name of this place, if you ever find your way to Oakland, is Fenton's Ice Creamery.

When we were kids my mom would take us there a couple times a year. It was always an event. A few times we even went there for dinner...not like we ordered real food, but ICE CREAM SUNDAES for dinner. It was heaven! And still is....

Sis and I still try to travel up at least 2x a year for a SUNDAE. Sometimes we couple the trip with going to Fairyland, the zoo, dropping off someone at the airport; and sometimes we just go for the ice cream. It's a tradition, and a good one.

Here's a pic of my sis' favorite sundae that she gets everytime we go...the Black & Tan.

I miss it already.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wish us Luck! 6 Miler Part II

I'm writing this, dressed in my finest running gear, eating a whole grain bagel (yumm), about ready to leave to meet my sister to conquer those 6 miles that KILLED us so horribly last week. Sis tells me that even her arms were sore (explain to me how that could happen).

Anyways...It's not quite 7:30 AM, it's a cool 60 degrees out there, I'm hydrated (NO alcohol for me yesterday, even with a "beer tasting" at work yesterday--work is an odd place), and in a great mood. We're gonna start out slow today three/twos and avoid steep hills.

This afternoon, Sis and I, my daughter, and her "kids" (she still freaks out when I talk about "her kids"--Makes her feel old apparently) are driving 60 miles to Oakland ICE CREAM SUNDAE! Yeah, you heard right! We're gonna Fairyland too while we are there, but it's just an excuse to stop at our FAVORITE place in the world. Look at it this 16 year old daughter, changed her Saturday plans to come with us today...and she got up at 7:00 AM!

I'll tell you all about the ice I mean our run tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I wish I had one of those pictures with a funny man with those rolly "googly" eyes for my "crazy" pic, but I'm just way to tired, hot, and bothered, to be bothered.

I am really busy with work, and life in general this week. I haven't even read many of my regular blogs, and for that I feel really sad and a bit guilty.

Somehow life got in the way...ya know??

I do have stuff to tell you, so please be patient with me. Tomorrow promises to be calmer and I hope to catch up with you all and fill you in on all of my crazy, sordid, or just plain boring happenings.

But now, I'm just plain tired and I'm gonna hit the hay.


I did do all of my planned training miles...YAY!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Our Marathon Schedule????

So Sis calls me late last night--almost past my bedtime.

"I've been thinking," She starts off "about our marathon schedule."

I Immediately thought about what we talked about earlier that day. I finally convinced her that we absolutely MUST spend the night in SF before Nike Marathon in October. Up until this point she wanted to drive up that morning (a 1 1/2 drive).

"So... we do Nike in October. And then we can do Avenue of the Giants marathon in May or San Diego in June." She starts giggling... Then December '07 we can do the Honolulu Marathon!!" Her voice is almost shrilling now. And sister is now giggling uncontrollably.

"Have you been drinking?" I ask her.

"Not a drop." Says she.

"Well, let's just see what happens in October, first and then go from there"

I've read that you shouldn't really think about a SECOND marathon until you complete the first one, so I haven't brought up the possibility of a 2nd marathon with her yet.

Secretly, I must confess, I've been looking at 2nd marathon possibilities for a couple of months now. I have my eye on the rock n' roll marathon in San Diego next June.

So...Is it silly to think this way? Should we just stop the freaking planning and focus on October?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bad Run. Bad, Evil, Run.

The plan today was to do 6 miles. We would run for 3 minutes, walk for 2 and so on. We would avoid hills and we would have fun. We would also do the run early before it got very hot.

We should've stuck with our plans.

The last run we did together, we run 4, walked for 1 minute (4/1), etc. It was a 3 miler and a recovery week. I've been running 3 and 4 miles without walking breaks on my own--my sister is almost up to that stage as well. So what did we decide?

We would start with 4/2, go to Foothill park (hills), and play it by ear. Oh, and we also didn't start the run until 11:30AM.

Bad Idea.

The run started out fine, but as soon as we got to the park's trails, the weather turned HOT. We knew it was going to be hot today (mid 90s)--but there is something about trail running and the reflective surface (or something) of the adobe clay trails that just RADIATES heat.
I was dying a mile into it.

To complicate matters, we decided to go on some newer trails to increase the distance we would run in the park. My sister (who claimed she knew the trails well), would say "let's take this one , it's flat over that ridge" only to be faced with another dreaded hill and steeps ones at that.

My heart rate monitor showed my heart rate at about 167 bmp (which is roughly around 95% of max), and I started to feel a bit dizzy and thirsty. My skin felt prickly too.

At 2.5 miles (I can't believe we only did 2.5 miles at this point) we decided to leave the park and just run on the flat road. We stopped at the park entrance which has the only water fountain in the park and drank up. I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach at this point too and NOW finally understand how people can't just eat anything during runs.

We did the rest of the run on by our original plan of 3/2. And we were slow. I haven't even synched up the Garmin yet, but let's just say we were very slow. I think someone using a walker might have beaten us.

But...we did do the distance--which is always the goal. And we learned our lesson...And what's the lesson?

1. Don't be overly ambitious with a new distance
2. Gauge the weather, and plan appropriately
3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

PS...I did get the ipod and have done a couple of runs to the book on tape. I want to give it a few more runs before I post my "review".

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Enough Already!! Advice needed!

So I've diverted off track a bit in this blog by posting secretly personal things. I'm sure I'll digress now and then (we all love a soap don't we). But let's get to something much more important, like...

There are now 2 skunks using my backyard as a hangout. My Buddhist daughter loves them--She is even calling one of them "Pepe Le' Pew".

I'm sorry but this:

Does not look like this:

Nor does Pepe' look like this:

They seem to like 'rooting' in my "mulch that I use around my garden. But they also like hanging out in the more kept up areas too.

I got cats....but they ignore the skunks. It's like they know better.

So does anyone out there have an brilliant ideas on how to get rid of them or at least discourage them?

Maybe I should just move to San Francisco....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday's Bits

So I'm gonna try listen to audio books on my runs. I tried running to music a few years ago with my 64 meg mp3 player, but the problem was I put songs on the player without thinking how they would work with running.....

"Try Not to Breathe" by REM is a great song...but not the wisest choice for a running playlist. Need I say more??

So I subscribed to Audible, which when you subscribe for a year you get $100 off an ipod---so I got the 1 gig shuffle for "free". Sorry to sound like a commercial. I will let you know how I like audibles and how I like listening to books while running. It will give me something more to look forward to.

The first book I downloaded is "Possible Side Effects" By Augusten Burroughs one of my favorite contemporary authors. I can't wait to start listening!

Thank you to all that posted and offered words of comfort to my Loss posting. I'm definately past feeling that "loss" over my husband's new path. I've been "reminded" again over the last couple of days why we're not together. This is really the best thing that can happen for both our sakes. I do wish him every happiness.

Friday, June 09, 2006



I don't know where to start.

My good friend and co-worker lost her brother yesterday to a long illness. I sit very close to her at the office and heard her receive the call that her brother's latest surgery went horribly wrong and was on life support. He has a Do Not Resistate order on his chart, but in this case they called my friend to authorize his removal from life support. Poor girl. The last thing she said to me is that it sucks getting old...She's only 15 years my senior.


While on the road last night and saw a family of ducks attempting to cross the hwy a few cars ahead of me. I'll spare the details, but a couple of the chicks didn't make it to the other side.

: (

My husband told me last night he has met someone else. Don't get me wrong here. We've been separated for a year now and have given him my blessing to pursue new relationships months ago. We're still great friends (and I think it will stay that way), but we're so different on many levels. I can't count how many times where I wished he would just find someone else.....find happiness.

I got what I wished for.


I guess I just don't know how I feel about it yet. I mean I am very happy for him on a rational level, but I can't help feeling that sense of loss. Another step closer to the end...not to our relationship, but to the marriage.

Thank god I can run. I came home sad, overwhelmed, and headachy last night, and went on a 3 miler straight away. There's just something about running long distances you can't keep feeling overwhelmed. You have to focus too much on your breathing and body mechanics that all the other crap you're dealing with just falls to the side. When the run is done, you realize that you left all that baggage on the side of the road somewhere.

and where it belongs....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Last Easy

This is the last "easy" week before the marathon training gets hot n' heavy. This week, I'm running 3 miles, 4 days a week with one cross-train day. Next week, the miles jump to 15 total and they steadily go up from there.

I think it's a good time to really shape up my blog. So coming soon I hope that I will get...

A profile pic posted
Links to my Fav blogs
Maybe a new custom banner?

We'll see how much I actually do get done. I'm taking Monday off from work (with no plans), so I will be ashamed if nothing gets done.....

Here's something random.
There was a cute little babyish skunk cruising around my backyard today (and I DO mean cute). Never seen a live one so close before...Wonder where Mama is...better keep the cats indoors tonight.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Three Two's

I LOVE getting up early on Sunday mornings in the Summertime. There is something wonderfully calming at the stillness of the hour....but I digress.

Yesterday we had to do 5.5 miles. My sister had the great idea of coming over to my house, run in my neighborhood, and with her kids in the double-stroller, on the pretense that they needed to get out and they were driving her crazy.


It didn't help that it was 90+ degrees out, that we promised the 2 year old neice that we would go swimming after the run, and that my nephew had a raging bout of colic (or something). We ran 2.5 and quit. No problems splitting up the run when all systems failed... Is there???

Fast forward 5 hours later. Fun time at the swimming "resort" had by all. My sister and I felt like such rebels to sneak and eat our lunches by the pool (no food or drink allowed in pool area), only to be squashed by a couple of kids blatantly eating their ice creams IN the pool--without the lifeguard even commenting. Gosh, we can be like old ladies sometime! Digressed again....

With the kids deposited with sis' husband, we finished up the run in her neighborhood.

We decided to try running 3 minutes then walking 2 for the duration of the run. Here are our splits:

Mile 1 - 16.26 (started off with 2 minutes walking--then decided to do so hill running)
Mile 2 - 15:46
Mile 3 - 15:24

The times are going in the right direction!!

My sis is still slower than me--I'm having her dictate the pace on the "runs" we do together. I can push myself on my solo runs a bit (and push I don't mean in speed as much as just running the whole distance without walk breaks). The goal for October is to start and finish and not be killed in the process. It's too early to say whether we will do a three/two, and four/one, or even a two/three. We've got 19 more weeks to train.

Next Saturday we've got a 3 mile "recovery" run--and we're gonna try a four/one.

Gosh...I just realized it's 7:30 and 1 hour into the SD Rock n' Roll Marathon....Good luck to all who are running it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Giving In.....

My body has given up!!!

I've always been told that the first mile is always the worst. But in my case, every mile is bad, and it just gets harder and harder....

Except this week.

It's like I've beaten my body into submission--after the first mile, my body knows that I'm not going to stop so it just buckles down and it just stops fighting me.

I'm finally able to relax a bit, get my heart rate down, at that point if it makes any sense at all......

5.5 miles on Saturday.......