Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Francisco Giants Pitch and Stitch

Yes, I am a Giants fan! I am almost ashamed to say it since they are having a dismal season and we're still reeling from the "Barry" debacles (I mean Bonds AND Zito). As bad as they are, I couldn't pass up a night where 2 of my favorite things were combined.

It was nice to know there are others with like minds. BTW...the red scarf nearest in the pic made with Noro's Silk Garden...Yes, I know some yarn make/models identify on the spot. I own that same stuff and Color (oh...Dori, I hope you like what you see...hint hint!).

I actually had to show the Pitch and Stitch event on the SF Giants site for a friend of mine who thought I was pulling his leg.

It was quite fun (my daughter came too and actually did more knitting than me); and I somehow was able to avoid garlic fries, Polish sausages, beer, malts, etc. And somehow the Giants (and Zito) pulled off a win!

In running news, I did a 8 miler today. I was supposed to do 10, but cut it short because I ate something bad and got sick to my stomach. Sis came with me and we had a good time none-the-less reminiscing about our last marathon training. Besides, feeling like I was going to toss my cookies, the rest of my body felt good. I think I'll be okay for the 1/2 next weekend.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Time to get cracking!

First of all, my 8 miler yesterday was pretty uneventful, but I had little energy or enthusiasm either. I stayed up too late the night before and didn't eat/hydrate as well as I should have. But all in all, the times were in line with what I want to do the half-marathon in and best of all, I'm not sore today.

I've got less than 2 weeks till the 1/2 Marathon and 4 more weeks of UBC; and I got to get cracking; especially in the eating department.

I'm starting to do a little slips, like a piece of pizza at work on Friday, and handful of doritos another time, a shot (or 2) of tequila...when added up will really undermine the progress I'm trying to make. Added stress at work is not helping., I am rededicating myself to working out hard, eating right (and in proper portion!) and finishing the 1/2 marathon and UBC strong. After-all, I did promise to post my before and after pics and I really don't want to be humiliated with a before/after pic that doesn't show any difference....that would really, really bite.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


First of all; my mid-term UBC evaluation went well and so far I'm pleased with the results!

I lost 3" from my belly (from 33 down to 30" five weeks ago)
I lost an inch from my leg (from 19" to 18")
I lost 1/2" from my arm (from 10 3/4" to 10 1/4")

I can do 41 situps in one minute (from 31)
I can now do 31 pushups a one minute (from 20)

and...I lost 3 pounds and 3% body fat.

I celebrated by buying some new clothes ; )

Today (which was supposed to be my rest day) I did a 6 miler. I ran the first 4 miles without a walking break (unheard of for me), and took the last 2 miles easy since I hyper extended my hip during kickboxing and I was beginning to feel a bit of a twinge. For the first 4 miles my times range was from 11:30 - 12:00 miles (which is also unheard of for me on longer runs...I'm such a turtle).

I think I have been incorrectly training for running all along. My legs became strong but I COMPLETELY neglected my core and upper body. Now that those areas are getting into shape, running is becoming easier (and I never, ever thought I would say that).

All reasons to celebrate!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wish me Luck!

The UBC thing has been going well, but I've been too tired to do much running. I'm thinking each of the next 3 Saturday's I have to do long runs, so it will look something like this:

July 12th - 6 miles
July 19th - 8 miles
July 26th - 11 miles
August 3rd 1/2 marathon.

At least this will tell me how it goes. I have to complete the 1/2 in 3 hours, so I'm thinking even with minimum long distance running under my belt lately, I might be okay. I think my 6 miler Saturday will be a good indication on how things will go.

Saturday is also the 1/2 point for UBC and our 2nd evaluation. I'll let you know what my results are!