Saturday, September 06, 2008

On Track Again!

It's been one crazy work week, but in spite of that, I was able to finally get my eating back under control. I'm now back down to my UBC graduation weight.

Since volleyball season is over, the team has decided to move on to Ultimate Frisbee and Basketball. This is great for me because I pretend that what I am really getting in is my speed workouts. All those short running bursts are little fartleks!

Today, I'm going to a baby shower for my 20 year old niece (wish she would've waited, but what can you do). My daughter and I knitted her a basketweave patterned blanket, that I just finished last night, but it badly needs to be blocked (ie...shaped). I am thinking of wrapping and giving it to her at the shower then taking it back to block it and send it to her before the baby is born in late November.

Here are a couple of pics. For those of the knitting mind, I used super-wash merino from crystal palace.

Oh! My sister officially is dropping out of the Nike Marathon. Julianne you're in! Email me (address is on my profile) and we'll work out the details.