Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And you call yourself a Blogger!

Yes, this statement was actually messaged to me earlier this week. Yes, I guess I call myself a part-time blogger. Haven't been good at doing anything computer-wise in some weeks.

In other news, you never know what you might like. Case-in-point; I totally love this freaking (frakking) Folk Dancing class I'm taking with my daughter. I'm not one to dance, unless I have a few in me (do I sound like a dude or what?), but this class is totally fun. All ages too; not the group of old ladies that my daughter promised me it would be...it's surprisingly hip and good exercise.

You gotta stretch sometimes; try something you don't think you'd be into...because you really never, ever know. You know??

Monday, August 20, 2007


Well, vacation is over and I'm back at work, and my daughter is back at school. Yuckiness all around.

We found out that my daughter cannot earn credit for running a 1/2 marathon so that idea is out. My sis is not interested in doing another marathon until Maui in 12/08 (if that happens), so my race plans are up in the air. My daughter hates PE and spent most of her time in high school taking art classes instead, so she now finds herself woefully short on PE credits. So hence, the Senior PE. We are also taking a (don't laugh) folk dance class at our local JC class together for additional credits and "some bonding" as my daughter puts it. I think she wants me to take the class to keep her motivated....what ever I have to do to get her graduated, you know?

So...about the beer cozies...I suppose they are meant to keep your hands warm and to shade the beer a bit if you were sipping outside. I have gotten 'orders' for a couple more, and my boss was a bit jealous that I didn't make her anything, but I have special plans for her--A felted wine bag.

So...is knitting relaxing? There's nothin' better, and I'm serious about that. And it does leave me sore in the morning! I absolutely love it.

Changing the subject completely now...as far as a workout schedule goes, I'm running about 4 days a week, 2 to 4 miles a pop, 2 hours of volleyball, and one day of hiking. Nothing really extreme, but I still feel like I'm staying in shape, keeping the weight down and feeling good. So if I ever figure out a race to do, I can hit the ground running, er...sort of speak.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Vacation Week!

Woot! I'm on vacation this week!

Work was becoming really overwhelming and I was waking up tired every day so I so need a break.

I spent 3 days at my brother-in-law's family cabin up near Mount Lassen, which was about 40 yards from a beautiful lake. I didn't want to leave, it was so peaceful up there.

I'm spending a lot of time working on my knitting projects. I'm getting really good at knitting little tubes. Here is something that I finished up for a beer buddy of mine:

I know it's a bit silly, but he actually asked for one out of the blue. Speaking of blue, I just completed a blue and black cozy for another friend who independently asked for one too (he even found me a pattern).

Can't say I have done a lot of running this week. I didn't do any runs at the cabin--unless you count chasing after my niece and nephew. I did a trail hike/run yesterday and will do another one today. I've got to get in gear, I feel my belly growing on me!

OH....I also want to say that you guys are the best! I haven't blogged in a month and couldn't believe I even had 1 comment when I came back from the cabin. I guess I must keep posting.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bad, Bad, Blogger!

One of the big disadvantages about working in technology is that I never really want to be on the computer anymore on the weekends.

Good excuse, huh!

I've been fine, although very burned out from work.

I'm still pursuing the simple things in life, mainly running, knitting, coffee and a little beer drinking. I'm trying to keep my daughter focused on her upcoming senior year of high school....

Of course I flaked on even signing up for the SF 1/2 marathon. I've been running, but not very long and not pushing it at all.

I believe I might have a race to do in the Fall. My daughter needs PE credits to graduate and she doesn't like the idea of taking PE in her senior year so we're going to talk to her counselor about her running a 1/2 marathon instead. I think it's a good idea to keep us both motivated.

Today is the Vineman
I'm volunteering tonight during the marathon part. I watched it last year, and want to participate somehow in this event.

Hope you are all doing well.