Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I've been seriously slacking on everything (but work and household duties) lately. I do promise to catch up on all your journeys.

I didn't go for the house, or another one for that matter. I'll seriously think about it in the Spring, but right now I want to relax a bit.

My running has been sporatic. I haven't been out longer than 3 miles since the marathon. I just can't get motivated to run long in the dark.

Enough of me! Hope you all have lots of Turkey, Rest, and Relaxation!!!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pushing Limits

I like yoga. There's a pose called Cobblers Pose where you sit frog legged with the heels of your feet together and you try to bend your torso so your head can eventually touches the floor in front of you.

The fool in the video makes it look easy. I think I'm pretty limber, but I can't get my head closer than 12 inches from the floor.

"You may find with the 'gentle massage' that Cobbler's pose brings, you can bring yourself deeper in the pose" The yoga master calmly narrates. "In fact, the goal of Cobblers pose is to find the place where to go farther would be excruciating (she doesn't say "excruciating", but I know that's what she means), and doing less would be no challenge at all."

That my friends, is where I am with the house.

They countered my offer...and not by very much at all--the difference in the payment would be about 80 bucks a month. The owner would like to give me the house. The other offers were better money wise than mine--but they really like me (In my best Sally Fields voice). If I accept the offer, the house is mine.

What I offered would be challenging, but not excruciating. But like Cobbler's Pose, just a hair lower to the ground and it's unbearable.

Of course they gave me the weekend to think about it. But I already made the decision.

I can't let the excitement and the lure of homeownership put my in a place where I'm uncomfortable. The market is crappy right now anyways...I'm sure they'll be other houses
where I walk in and it immediately feels like home. At least I hope so........

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Today I put an offer on the cutest little house ever. There are multiple offers on it (it's priced very, very well) and they will be reviewing the offers tomorrow.

I'm so scared!!! What if they actually accept my offer????

What's with me! First marathon, then a homeowner???

Saturday, November 04, 2006

What's Next???

I am happy to report that my daughter has started running and wants to run the Nike Marathon with me next year! She's even visited her school counselor and is petitioning to get PE credit for her efforts! You never know you are going to inspire!

I've done 3 runs this week. 2 interval runs with my daughter (3 minutes of running/3 minutes of walking). My daughter runs fast--about a 8:30 to 9:00 minute mile--so it's an effort for me to keep up with my post marathon body. I also did an easy 2 miler and was surprised at how my hamstrings got so sore after only 1 mile of running. I'm not pushing it at all, and walked most of the 2nd mile. It's all about recovery right now body will shape up.

Today, Sis, me and my daughter are heading to the track where we are going to do 400s "fast" run/and 400s walk intervals. Don't know how many yet...maybe just 4 reps. We're looking forward to working on speeding up.

We are also toying with the idea of running the Avenue of the Giants half marathon in May. My daughter could get credit for that too.

Happy Running!