Wednesday, April 30, 2008


2 things:

1. I might have a stress fracture in my foot. My foot has been bugging me for a couple of weeks, and this crazy, hoppy, Turkish dance in Folk dance last night on those hard gym floors threw the pain over the edge. I looked it up online and the symptoms seem to match a stress fracture. Hopefully it's mild and I caught it early and I will just need to be gentle on it for a couple of weeks.
I think between running more, Volleyball, Dance, and now kickboxing (more on that later), I did too much too soon on my poor footers. I'm going to the doc tomorrow.

2. My kid is not graduating on time. Nuff said.

So, I had to do a little retail therapy.....I ordered a new Dyson vacuum cleaner (please hold your enthusiasm), and a book on the science of sex.
A girl's gotta get her kicks somehow! Seriously, Mary Roach is a quite a funny and engaging writer...I recommend her other books, Spook and Stiff (not about sex, but cadavers).

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Don't get your hopes up!

So, my daughter is now 18 and has exactly 23 school days until graduation; and I believe she's going to keep me guessing on if she's actually going to walk until the last possible moment. She's had really bad senoiritis, some legitimate illnesses and complications, and a new boyfriend who is not in school and lives 2 blocks away from campus.

It's a very bad combination.

She got a failure notice in one of her classes and she's got a lot of making up to do to pass that class, then she's short a credit so she's got to take an extra after school class for 2 weeks. This is on top of a makeup night science class that she's taking at the adult high school.

I have actually given up at the thought of her graduation on time and seeing her walk with her classmates. Grieve is more like it; but she suddenly has a renewed motivation to do it. It's going to be a hard and exhausting month for her and she buckles under stress quite easily, so...I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I know what she doesn't complete this Spring, she'll finish at the adult high school in the Summer, but she's my only kid and it would be nice to see her walk.

So Friday night she told me her biological dad called her and told her to save him a ticket for her graduation (he lives in Massachusetts), and she asked me if she should even get her hopes up that he'll come. You know what I wanted to answer her with, but in the end I told her not to dwell on it.

She's at a teen Buddhist retreat right now for the weekend and she usually comes back from them centered and motivated. I hope it helps her decide what she wants to with the stress and exhaustion of finishing on time, or letting it slide until Summer.

I'm trying not to be emotional about it around her. I find that it just makes the stress worse for both of us. I'll let you know next month what happens.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Yes, I'm a dork!

I know...I post over a month ago, promising a prize...then completely drop the ball and don't post again. Even with almost weekly prods from Jenn!

Ok....So answer to the question:


Yes, they are race days, Yes, they are marathon days, and yes, they are days that Kurt will wake up and still breathe.

But most importantly, they are days of the SF Marathon and the Nike Women's Marathon. And I'm registered for both (SF the 1/2, Nike the Full). So, since Dori was the most specific and correct in her answer, she wins the prize.

Dori...Email me at taunyam at hotmail dot com and tell me that you're not allergic to wool and what you're address is....

I will do my best to post weekly (Sunday's and catch up on what you're all doing). I'll post more soon...really!