Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wish us Luck! 6 Miler Part II

I'm writing this, dressed in my finest running gear, eating a whole grain bagel (yumm), about ready to leave to meet my sister to conquer those 6 miles that KILLED us so horribly last week. Sis tells me that even her arms were sore (explain to me how that could happen).

Anyways...It's not quite 7:30 AM, it's a cool 60 degrees out there, I'm hydrated (NO alcohol for me yesterday, even with a "beer tasting" at work yesterday--work is an odd place), and in a great mood. We're gonna start out slow today three/twos and avoid steep hills.

This afternoon, Sis and I, my daughter, and her "kids" (she still freaks out when I talk about "her kids"--Makes her feel old apparently) are driving 60 miles to Oakland ICE CREAM SUNDAE! Yeah, you heard right! We're gonna Fairyland too while we are there, but it's just an excuse to stop at our FAVORITE place in the world. Look at it this 16 year old daughter, changed her Saturday plans to come with us today...and she got up at 7:00 AM!

I'll tell you all about the ice I mean our run tomorrow!!


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