Monday, May 29, 2006

Will I ever learn??

1. Never go to Trader Joe's hungry!!

I do it all the time. This time I came out with bags of chips, an odd assortment of cheeses, but also a package of Chocolate covered peanut covered pretzels.

I mean COME on...I can't even resist the plain peanut filled ones. There is no such thing as eating these things in moderation--would I think the chocolate ones would be any different. The rational of "just want to try them and see if they're any good" is not a good one. They are ALWAYS good. Have I EVER, EVER thrown chocolate away?

2. Hire someone to pull weeds--at least the big jobs.

I don't have bad allergies, but it's getting up-close-and-personal with weeds that just kill me. Today I decided to finally pull all the assorted growth up from an unruly section of my backyard. The weeds came out easily enough, but soon my arms were read and scratchy and my nose didn't have an off switch. The only allergy stuff I have around here is Benedryl. Well...after sleeping for 2 1/2 hours I wake up to find my blog page looking like so:

No idea what's going on here except I was doing something right before that "nap". I pray that Publishing will fix it. I guess that's one way of getting me to post.


Blogger Nicole said...

Trader Joe's will do that even if your not hungry. I say enjoy - it's all good.

4:32 PM  

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