Friday, May 26, 2006

Another week

Another week gone and with no posting. I am really going to try to post a couple of times a week. I can't say I've been busy....I'm always busy it seems.

We've got a little less than 5 months until the marathon and things are looking pretty good. I can run 3 miles pretty comfortably now with my heart rate at less than 85% of max. I am religously keeping to the running schedule which I feel really proud about.

I still don't like running.

But I love how I feel afterwards. I think I run because I don't like it, and that's a challenge. Each run is a battle and a way to fight something difficult and beat at it a little each time.

I like that my legs feel stronger and toned, my clothes fit better, my mind is sharper...well I can go on and on.

We're finishing up an easy week (just 10.5 miles plus cross training). Next week we jump to 13 miles.

And...I'm looking forward to it.


Blogger jeanne said...

i'm going to try the heart rate thing too. and i still hate running too. but i like the afterglow! congrats on the baby!

8:06 AM  
Blogger 21st Century Mom said...

Nike!? I'm planning on doing the Nike, too but they haven't sent me any info. Are you training with TNT? Where do you live again? You told me once but I forget. I think we don't live that close to each other but we will both be at the Nike - yeah!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Running by.... said...

Hi Jeanne, Nice to see you pop in. Yes, the heart rate thing is really helping me put the training in its proper perspective. I love that the garmin averages the hr over the weeks worth of runs. Then you can compare heart rate averages over the weeks. In my case (and it's early in the game. I'm seeing my heart rate decrease week over week. It's a good feeling knowing that I'm conditioning my ticker.

21st--Yep..I'm doing Nike. I am excited! I'm not doing TNT this time, just training with my sister. I'd like to do tnt at some point tho. I live in Sonoma County (Kenwood) a bit of a jaunt to the East Bay.

11:52 AM  

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