Monday, April 24, 2006

Rest Day

I feel good today. I really like the persistent light soreness in my calves (a "gentle massage" as a yoga instructor once pointed out) and my increased energy level. Today, I've been reading up on dieting, Max Heart rate, and hill running.

So in beginning my 5th week of training. I have these goals in mind:

1. Eat my fruits and veggies (5 servings a day, 3 veggies, 2 fruit)
I don't eat enough servings, and I been snacking on dumb things like Lime tortilla chips and chocolate (not in combination, but at different times)--and I always push the veggies snacks to the wayside. That's gotta stop.

2. Don't avoid the Hills
Especially on my 2 mile runs this week. Start working on my form climbing up and going down. On my "long run" this week (4 miles), take the road with the gentle hills.

3. Watch the Heart Rate
Start off SLOW and let my heart rate guide me. Don't worry if the pace is a 13 or even 14 minute miles, keep your heart rate and 70 - 80% and never exceed 85.

Can't wait until tomorrow

Oh yeah....My sister has a "Feeling" about tonight!


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