Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Training Plan

I've decided to adopt Hal Higdon's 30 week marathon training program--I've got 29 weeks to go so I started on week 2. I have already been running around 10 miles per week for a paltry 2 weeks before doing this.

I was a frequent runner about 4 years ago--I dropped about 25 pounds primarily through running and lite dieting. About 2 years ago I stopped. I mean stopped. No tapering...Nada. I went from one who ran 6 days a week habitually, to nothing. Looking back, I think this coincided with my husband's deep crash into depression (another story for another time dear reader).

What I'll think I'll do is have a weekly post of my weeks summary (d'uh), but may post along the week if any running/training related stuff comes up.

Why did I start again? I'll put that in my next post.


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