Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Starting Over; The Right Way

I've been reading up a bit about training and letting your max heart-rate guide you. I've been worrying that I've been training too hard and pushing my heart rate up too much that I'm losing any real fitness benefit. A few days ago I decided do my runs based upon my heart rate. In other words, I would run until my heart rate reached 90% max (around 160bpm, then walk until my heart rate dropped around 140 then run again, until I reached 90% and so forth.

I'm almost thinking that running any distance between 85 - 90% may not be beneficial, but let's just see how it goes.

The bad news is I can't run very far (without stopping) using this method. Here are the distances I have run before taking my first walking break:

4/25 - 1.20 miles
4/26 - 1.40
4/29 - 1.60
5/02 - 1.90

But the good (maybe even GREAT news) is I've seen a great increase in the distance I've been able to run before my heart says to stop! I've even tried to challenge myself a bit by willing my heart to slow a little (maybe just by trying to breathe deeply) so I can run a little longer. I don't know if this pattern will continue, but I sure like the way it looks. And by the way, my pace is still around the same per mile (a slow, pathetic 13:20).

Hey...but it's a start! And hopefully the *right* kind of start. I'll keep posting my weekly results and see what happens here.


Blogger runnergirl said...

Good Luck with the training.

Has your sister had her baby yet?

9:05 PM  
Blogger Running by.... said...

Yes...Finally last Friday. I plan to post the experience tonight!

Thanks for asking!

6:41 AM  
Blogger jeanne said...

Good luck indeed. My only word of advice is to proceed with caution, and not try to go to far too fast, or too fast too soon! (OK that was more than one word--still!) You have the rest of your life to go far and fast, you don't want an injury now!

8:08 AM  

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