Monday, June 19, 2006

Our Marathon Schedule????

So Sis calls me late last night--almost past my bedtime.

"I've been thinking," She starts off "about our marathon schedule."

I Immediately thought about what we talked about earlier that day. I finally convinced her that we absolutely MUST spend the night in SF before Nike Marathon in October. Up until this point she wanted to drive up that morning (a 1 1/2 drive).

"So... we do Nike in October. And then we can do Avenue of the Giants marathon in May or San Diego in June." She starts giggling... Then December '07 we can do the Honolulu Marathon!!" Her voice is almost shrilling now. And sister is now giggling uncontrollably.

"Have you been drinking?" I ask her.

"Not a drop." Says she.

"Well, let's just see what happens in October, first and then go from there"

I've read that you shouldn't really think about a SECOND marathon until you complete the first one, so I haven't brought up the possibility of a 2nd marathon with her yet.

Secretly, I must confess, I've been looking at 2nd marathon possibilities for a couple of months now. I have my eye on the rock n' roll marathon in San Diego next June.

So...Is it silly to think this way? Should we just stop the freaking planning and focus on October?


Blogger Running Rabbit said...

Oh no!!! You're focused...and great for planning ahead! Although Hal says you aren't ready for your second marathon until you have forgotten your first! Who knows!

7:35 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

You guys are so brave and awesome. I said I was going to run one and only one marathon but then I've ran another, and then an ultra and now I'm going for my third. So, no matter what it is contagious

7:43 PM  
Blogger runnergirl said...

I say keep the majority of your focus on the race at hand, but it never hurts to start looking ahead! :)

10:34 AM  
Blogger pinaypower said...

i concur with runnergirl...though what do i know i am training for my first HALF marathon...

though i too am pondering running san diego next year...

1:56 PM  

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