Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hold the Sugar....

Partly inspired by Running Rabbit, I've decided to cut out any unneccesary sugar from my diet--for awhile at least. I hate to admit it, but I was probably eating at LEAST 150 calories of the stuff a day.

You see, I'm just not losing any weight. On top of that, while my clothes are fitting a little better, it's not really dramatic, and I've been running now steadily since March! Yeah, yeah...I know the bit about muscle weighs more than fat, but just not losing any weight is just not as satisfying...ya know???

I just want to get rid of this mini intertube of fat that has landed like a shelf on my lower belly...I can grab hold of the damn thing for gosh sake and I want it gone! Sis suggested stomach exercises....but I just can't stomach them....HAHAHA...I crack myself up sometimes.

I read in a magazine that to lose abdominal fat without any caloric change, you must run at least 20 miles a week...I'm at 16 miles this week...It will be few weeks until I'm there...and I'm getting impatient.

The jury is still out on whether I'm eating enough, but I know that I can cut out all this sugar. Sugar is bad for me, just ask my dentist!

I decided to start on Monday......This is what I have had to deny myself this week:

Monday---Homemade Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies brought into work

Tuesday.....More homemade chocolate chip cookies made by Sis

Wednesday...Cute little fruity cheese cakes thingies AND Spree candies

Thursday....A 1 pound Hershey Bar with Almonds up for grabs at work!

Friday.....Bags and Bags of mini candy bars brought in by boss

I would be all over this stuff if it wasn't for my new resolution.

Don't know how long I'm gonna go this...Don't know if I'm gonna have free sweet days...but right now, it feels kinda good to abstain!

I'll let ya all know how this goes....


Blogger runnergirl said...

Good luck! Sweets are my biggest down fall.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Running Rabbit said...

I'm hardly inspiring...and I have SUCKED lately with the wedding and what not. But I swear sugar is the devil. This post sounds identical to how I feel. But try to keep all things in perspective. Feel free to email me and let me know how it's going...or post it.

Have a great weekend!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Wobbly man said...

Wow, I think I want a job at your work!

5:20 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Good work. I'm trying to do the same thing and God is it hard!

8:47 AM  
Blogger 21st Century Mom said...

You are a better woman than I! I am a little addicted to ice cream right now - mostly just because it is in the house. Once it is gone I will NOT buy more.

7:35 PM  

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